Shiskine Valley

Blackwaterfoot, Isle of Arran

Hill View is only 100 yards from  the Bus Route on the String Road,
and it's only 350 yards to a woodland walk.

Blackwaterfoot, Isle of Arran

Blackwaterfoot, Isle of Arran

The Shiskine Valley has much to offer the visitor.

Sanda and Kintyre

The following services are available nearby....

    •   Local licensed Shop / Grocer  & Post Office.
    •   Newsagent / Gift Shop.
    •   Butcher
    •   Bakery (superb produce)
    •   Garage (Petrol Sales)
    •   Licensed Hotel serving food.
    •   Golf Professional Shop.
    •   Tearoom at the Golf Course.
    •   Horse Riding

In addition to the above there is Golf, Tennis, Putting, Bowls, 

Snooker, Swimming, and Squash  -  all within 2 miles of Hill View.

Shiskine Golf Course, Isle of Arran

Shiskine Golf Course.

Blackwaterfoot Beach, Isle of Arran

The beach  (only 1 mile from Hill View)  is a great place to go
on a hot summers day, with a long stretch of sand.
Also good for a walk at any time of year.

Blackwaterfoot Beach, Isle of Arran