There is a great variety of walking on Arran, from 

a short gentle stroll along the beach to serious mountaneering. 

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Machrie Moor Standing Stones

The walk starts approx. 3 miles away from Hill View. This is a there & back walk  -  approx 3 miles all together.   The path can get a bit wet in winter. There is a small car park about 1/3 of a mile south of the Machrie Bay Tearoom. You then cross the road & follow a cart-track through fields. Dogs should be kept on a lead.

Machrie Moor, Isle of Arran

Machrie Moor

Machrie Moor, Isle of Arran

Machrie, Isle of Arran

This is close to where the walk starts at Machrie  - there is a sign by Historic Scotland.

Standing Stones, Machrie Moor, Isle of Arrran

Standing Stones at  Machrie Moor.


King's Cave

This is a circular walk - approx. 4 miles 

 -   the start is 2 miles from Hill View.

The path is very good & is suitable all year. 
This section begins at the Forestry car park
one kilometre south of Machrie.
Follow the left hand path (as you drive in) 
for 2 kilometres till the King's Cave comes into view.

Kings Caves, Isle of Arran

King's Cave

King's Cave walk, Isle of Arran

Coire - an - Lochan

This walk starts from Thunderguy, which is 
approx. 10 miles  up the coast  from Hill View. 
There is
a good path (steep) for 2 miles uphill to the Lochan.

Coire - an - Lochan, Isle of Arran


Glen Catacol & Loch Tanna

A very pleasant walk up the glen. It is around 4 miles up to Loch Tanna.

Glen Catacol, Isle of Arran

Loch Tanna, Isle of Arran

Glenashdale Falls

Glenashdale Falls, Isle of Arran


View from Goatfell, Isle of Arran

The view from the top of Goatfell.

View from Goatfell, Isle of Arran

Goatfell Winter, Isle of Arran

Glen Rosa

Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran

Arran Hills

View towards Chir Mhor, North Goatfell and Goatfell,
 taken from The Sleeping Warrior.

Arran Hills